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Random Musings from the UFL Action on July 9/10

Very Random Musings from the UFL action on the weekend of July 9/10

Global 4 Green Archers United 0

Another dominant Global display.

I wonder how much attacking verve they lost with the loss of Daisuke Sato. Congrats Sato, btw. Definitely a level up.

That Sato/Minegishi combo on the left flank always gave other teams a lot of trouble with their pace and understanding.

Marco Casambre strikes me as too raw, but it will be a good opportunity for him to develop. As would Nathan Octavio.

By the way, Global started out with Casambre - Villanueva - Amani - Barbaso at the back for the game against Global.

When was the last time you saw an all-Filipino back four start for the top 6 teams in the UFL?

Patrick Deyto sent off with a straight red. Wow. How often do you see keepers getting sent off because of dissent?

Deyto was called by the linesman for handling the ball outside the area. He saved the subsequent direct free kick, and was seen saying something to the linesman.

What would he have said to have merited a straight red?

JP Voltes 2 Loyola 1

JP Voltes winning against top sides shouldn't be counted as 'upsets' anymore, IMHO. They have been a joy to watch in the UFL -- a breath of fresh air, if you must.

Asked before the match what their gameplan was -- JP Voltes coaching staff said: "Simple pass, just the simple pass. Play the short pass and go into space." It's really that simple.

Takumi Uesato -- such a find. Sitting in his couch on Okinawa, Japan looking for a club -- before JP Voltes came knocking.

As for Loyola -- a setback before the match against a fading Kaya FC.

Can Loyola find the defensive solidarity they so badly need? Never looked like keeping a clean sheet, and this has been a problem for them all season long.

Started with Mallari - de Jong - Joaco - Koichi, but were forced to put in Anton del Rosario at the start of the second half.

This allows de Jong to help a midfield losing its discipline and battle against a very physical JP Voltes.

With Tommy Trigo set to depart, it will be down to Gui Hasegawa to man the posts -- and he has to improve. That second JP Voltes goal.........

Last five games of Loyola before JP Voltes were:

June 15 LMS 11 Agila 0
June 18 LMS 4 Forza 0
June 26 LMS 13 Laos 2
July 3 LMS 9 Nomads 2
July 7 LMS 9 Pasargad 0

Did they suffer from lack of sharpness because they faced weaker teams for almost a month?

Scoring forty-six goals. 46 in five games. Yessir........

Ceres 5 Kaya 0

First things first, that first goal by Ceres should never have been one -- the previous play leading to it was a high boot by Schrocky.

How on earth did the linesman not call it? It was in front of him........!

That said, after that, Ceres simply played Kaya off the park.

Kaya were missing OJ Porteria (left the club) and Louis Clark (suspension), and that dulled their edge a bit.

Alfred Osei and Miguel Tanton tried to drive the team, but they can't do it by themselves.

OJ Porteria leaving Kaya midway through the season? Which club he goes to next, he doesn't mention. But, unless it is a step up (ie. S.League, for example), fans would have hoped he stayed at the club till at least the end of the season.

A look at Kaya's record against four of the top five teams:

May 15 Kaya 0  Stallion 1
June 12 Kaya 0  Global 3
July 2 Kaya 1    JPV 3
July 10 Kaya 0   Ceres 5

Not exactly the results of championship contenders.......

League needs a competitive Kaya FC. Here's hoping they turn things around fast for them.

Photo creidt: UFL Philippines FB Page

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