Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quick Reaction to Stephan Schrock Joining Ceres

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1.) Stephan Schrock playing for the UFL will be MASSIVE for the league. Azkals fans, who are not necessarily UFL and Football fans, will be drawn to the games. This will be good for the league and will definitely bolster interest.

2.) Is this a big step down for Schrocky? The quality of  play in the UFL isn't exactly 2. Bundesliga level, and while financially, Ceres is up there with the big boys, the quality that Schrocky is used to playing against, and perhaps with, is simply not the same.

3.) Does this make Ceres heavy favorites for the UFL League and Cup? You bet.

4.) His arrival also boosts Ceres' AFC Cup chances. After the bitter disappointment last year in the AFC Cup, it seems Ceres is not sparing any expense to ensure that this year will be a success for the Bacolod based club.

Not only will he play for the Azkals without any hint of jetlag, he will get to play with most of his Azkals teammates, Steuble, Ott, Reichelt among them, with regularity.

This could hopefully mean more cohesion for the Azkals.

6.) Is there a future for Stephan Schrock in Europe after Ceres? Tough to call. The lure of the Asian football leagues, China, Thailand and perhaps Australia, could be an option for Schrock. Remember, he has a Philippine passport, making him an AFC player.

7.) What a thrill it would be for young players in other teams to be able to compete with Schrock in the UFL. I suspect many will be looking forward to their match with Ceres with great anticipation.

8.) Level of play in the UFL will no doubt increase with his arrival. But what of Schrock's level?

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