Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 UFL League List of Dropped Players

1 AHMAD, Aseel 15-1028 Pasargad FC (youth) Playing for Nomads FC U-17
2 ALEGRE, Frederico Martin 14-0236 Team Socceroo FC (youth)  

4 ANTIPOLO, Anthony 15-0056 Agila FC  
5 AZAÑES, Niňo Jamin 14-0280 JP Voltes FC  
6 BABOUBACAR, Diallo 15-0111 Forza FC  
7 BAGUIORO, J 14-0396 Ceres - La Salle FC Not free to sign
8 BATEAU, Sean Anthony Gilbert 14-0256 Stallion FC Not free to sign
9 BELINGA AMBARA, Blanchard 14-0274 Stallion FC  
10 BENEDICTO, Jan Michael 15-0034 Pachanga Diliman FC  
11 BOLZICCO, Nicolas Unreg Pachanga Diliman FC  
12 BONNEY, Samuel 14-0006 Global FC Transferred to Stallion FC
13 BOWRA, Benjamin George 15-0037 Stallion FC  
14 BRICENIO, Marvin Jake 14-0292 JP Voltes FC  
15 BURDA, Stephen Juriel 14-0045 Green Archers United FC Transferred to Forza FC
16 CABUG, Raffy 14-0317 Pachanga Diliman FC  
17 CARLOS, Jon Aaron 15-0021 Team Socceroo FC  
18 CELDRAN, Antonio Luis 15-0122 Agila FC  
19 CHAFFORT, Manuel Jean-Philippe 14-0007 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to Green Archers United FC
20 CHOI, Yong Ok 14-0180 Phil. Army FC  
21 CLARINO, Mario Javier 14-0238 Stallion FC Transferred to Global FC
22 CORDERO, John Paul Unreg Laos FC (youth)  
23 CORDERO, Emmanuel Ronald 15-0085 Agila FC (youth)  
24 CORTINA, Davide 14-0373 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to Pachanga Diliman FC
25 DAGROH, Eric 15-0026 Pachanga Diliman FC  
26 DALIR LORD, Jamal 14-0098 Laos FC Transferred to Manila Jeepney FC
27 DELON, Patrick Yao 14-0187 Laos FC Transferred to Kaya FC
28 DIALLO, Mohamed 14-0097 Laos FC Transferred to Fleet Marine FC
29 DIOP, Ousseynou Unreg Green Archers United FC  
30 DIZON, Curt Jordan 14-0197 Global FC Transferred to Loyola FC
31 DIZON, William 14-0293 JP Voltes FC  
32 ELNAR, Alexandro 14-0241 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to Green Archers United FC
33 ESPOSITO, Alessandro 15-0108 Forza FC  
34 FADRIGALAN, Peter John 14-0240 Manila Jeepney FC  
35 FARRAH, Mohanad Unreg Laos FC  
36 FENELON, Jamal Andre 14-0019 Loyola FC  
37 GASPE, Arvin 14-0040 Forza FC Moved to coaching staff
38 GONZALES, Armando Antonio Paolo 15-0110 Agila FC  
39 GONZALEZ, Alfredo Fernando 14-0012 Loyola FC  
40 GREER, Rihcrad Keith 14-0077 Kaya FC  
41 GROMMEN, Joshua Jake 14-0027 Loyola FC  
42 HARTMANN, Matthew James 14-0016 Loyola FC Transferred to Global FC
43 HASEGAWA, Guilherme 14-0227 Team Socceroo FC  
44 HERVA, Jaybone 14-0132 Forza FC  
45 HONG, Sung Min 14-0433 Team Soccerro FC (youth)  
46 JAUGAN, Peter Unreg Team Socceroo FC  
47 JIAO, Jeremias Unreg Mendiola FC 1991  
48 JONSSON, Michael James 15-0032 Global FC  
49 JUNG, Jun Hyuk 15-0019 Pachanga Diliman FC  

51 KIGBU, Alu 14-0272 Stallion FC Transferred to Team Socceroo FC
52 KIM, Chan Woo 14-0432 Team Socceroo FC (youth)  
53 KUE, Fidel 14-0279 JP Voltes FC  
54 LEE, Yoon Seong 15-0010 Team Socceroo FC (youth)  
55 LEE, Jeong Woo 14-0334 Pachanga Diliman FC Transferred to Ceres - La Salle FC
56 LEONGON, Adewale 15-0112 Agila FC  
57 LIMAN, Jeffery 15-0159 Mendiola FC 1991  
58 LIMBO, Dimitri Lionel 14-0214 Global FC (youth) Playing for Kaya U-17
59 MARASIGAN, Angelo 15-0057 Ceres - La Salle FC Not free to sign
60 MARTINDALE, Jesse Michael 14-0421 Green Archers United FC  
61 MELLENDREZ, Vaughn Unreg Mendiola FC 1991  
62 MILLER, Josh Albert 14-0414 Global FC (youth) Playing for Kay FC U-17
63 MIN, Young Gi 14-0183 Phil. Army FC  
64 MONSERRAT, Enrique Keith 15-0049 Loyola FC (youth) Transferredto Agila FC (youth)
65 MOON, Ju Hong 15-0228 Phil. Army FC  
66 MORALLO, Jake 14-0242 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to Loyola FC
67 NGUENE, Landry 14-0258 Stallion FC  
68 NIELSEN, Per Frank Krog 15-0080 Agila FC (youth)  
69 NUNES, Cicero Vieira Machado 14-0273 Team Socceroo FC  
70 OKUDA, Tetsuya 15-0118 JP Voltes FC  
71 ONGAGNA, Bidias 14-0034 Forza FC  
72 ORDOÑEZ, Martin Romeo Jose 15-0075 Agila FC (youth)  
73 OTOMO, Satoshi 14-0186 Global FC  
74 PAGHUBASAN, Jade 14-0278 JP Voltes FC  
75 PARDO, Francisco Gonzalez 14-0231 Team Socceroo FC  
76 PARK, Kyul 14-0405 Pachanga Diliman FC  
77 PARK, Joo Bin 15-0059 Phil. Army FC Playing for Forza U-17
78 PASCUAL, Prtichill Evans 15-0055 Agila FC  
79 PAYSON, Alan Jr. 14-0032 Forza FC  
80 PINGA, Andres Lorenzo 14-0224 Team Socceroo FC  
81 PINGA, Diego Benigno 14-0235 Team Socceroo FC (youth)  
82 REGALA, Darryl 14-0285 JP Voltes FC  
83 ROCHA, Jeremiah Raphael 15-0084 Loyola FC (youth)  
84 ROXAS, Julian Vincent 15-0083 Loyola FC (youth)  
85 SADEGHI GARMAROUDI, Saba 14-0119 Laos FC Transferred to Loyola FC
86 SAFARIAN SIAHMAZGI, Khosro 14-0329 Agila FC Transferred to Manila Jeepney FC
87 SCHLETTWEIN, Rolf 15-0027 Global FC  
88 SEO, Seung Seok 14-0178 Phil. Army FC  
89 SKINKER, Kevin Theodore 15-0012 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to JP Voltes FC
90 SONG, Ji Hun 14-0177 Phil. Army FC  
91 SONG, Woo 15-0058 Phil. Army FC  
92 SORONGON, Mark Evans 14-0058 Kaya FC Transferred to JP Voltes FC
93 TAMBOT, Nevie John 15-0033 Pachanga Diliman FC  
94 TANTON, Vito 15-0047 Loyola FC  
95 TETANG ZEIPOP, Maxime Valery 15-0062 Agila FC Transferred to Forza FC
96 UNABIA, Lemuel 14-0390 Ceres - La Salle FC Not free to sign
97 VAN DEN BRINK, Raphael Philip 15-0087 Agila Fc (youth) Playing for Agila FC U-17
98 VANDELLI, Nicolas Paul Renaud 14-0004 Forza FC  
99 VILLON, Dave Peterson 15-0186 Mendiola FC 1991  
100 VILLON, Mark Peterson Unreg Mendiola FC 1991 Not free to sign
101 WEIDMAR, Martin 14-0377 Manila Jeepney FC  
102 ZABIHI TAHER, Jahanbakhsh 14-0213 Manila Jeepney FC Transferred to Global FC
103 ZAGHI, Hector Unreg Team Socceroo FC Transferred to Laos FC
104 ZEMEN ISNARDI, Philip 15-0053 Agila FC Transferred to Nomads FC

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Azkals' 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Schedule

Home team on the left.


HOME to Bahrain
AWAY to Yemen

HOME to Uzbekistan

AWAY to North Korea
AWAY to Bahrain

HOME to Yemen

AWAY to Uzbekistan
HOME to North Korea

Monday, April 13, 2015

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying: Who would you want to be grouped with the Azkals?

China, Vietnam, Philippines, Bhutan, Chinese Taipei would be a good draw.
UAE, Bahrain, Philippines, Timor Leste, Laos likewise.

Japan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, North Korea, Malaysia would not be good draw.
Iran, Kuwait, Philippines, Kyrgyszstan, Hong Kong will not be too easy too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

PFF Advisory on Global FC vs Yadanarbon FC


Global FC (PHI) vs. Yadanarbon FC(MYA), 15 April 2015

Philippine Sports Stadium, Bulacan



We wish to advise all football enthusiasts that the AFC Cup 2015 Group G Qualifiers Match between Global FC (PHI) and Yadanarbon FC (MYA) will be held on 15 April, 2015 at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan. Kick-off is at 8:00 p.m.


Tickets are sold via TicketWorld thru its online booking and major ticket outlets.


Tickets prices start at P100. 


We invite all to come and watch the game.



9 April 2015. PFF House of Football, Pasig City.



PFF Media Team