Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Official Statement of Stallion FC on Levi Fernandez

OFFICIAL STATEMENT from Stallions FC regarding Levi Fernandez

"Stallion FC is happy to announce that Levi Gilmàr Di Silvà Fernandez will be joining our club starting April 1 2015. With the help of Jermaine Somuyiwa of F1st Sport and Steve MacCallen of SM Sports, Levi will be playing for Stallion FC while on loan from Alloa Athletic of the Scottish Champions Side, from April 1 to August 2015. He will be wearing jersey number 88. I believe that Levi will fit perfectly with Stallions style of football. He is young, athletic and very talented. He will instantly fit into our system both offensively and defensively.

Gilmàr Fernandez is a 21yr old Football professional, who has been playing for numerous professional clubs since the age of 8. His Grandmother Concepcion Fernandez hails from the province of Victoria Laguna. She will be joining Levi this month to help facilitate his application for a Philippine passport. We are confident that Levi will be joining Simone Rota and Ruben Doctora on the Azkals squad for the world cup qualifiers in June. He possess both world class technical skills, and a very good tactical understanding of the game. Levi will be a great addition to the Stallion roster as we embark on trying to winning the UFL Cup and UFL league in 2015.

Levi will strengthen our squad as a striker or an attacking mid in our 3-4-3 attacking system. We expect great things from Levi, and hopefully we will see more of him in a Stallion and Azkals jersey for years to come. 

Levi will be a very good role model for young Filipino footballers. He has a very interesting story to tell both on the field, as well as off the field.

Levi will be arriving on March 17, and will start training with us in preparation for his April debut.  His early arrival will help him acclimate to our summer weather as well as participate in any Azkals training camps. I am hopeful that Levi will earn a call up to the  MNT.

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