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Quick Thoughts on Kaya's 2-0 win vs Global -- March 7, 2015

Quick Thoughts on Kaya 2 Global 0


n  Match of the heavyweights lived up to its billing, with chances created on both ends. Both teams play the passing possession game, which is a treat for neutral fans.

n  First real test for Kaya FC, who has played Army, Green Archers and Manila Jeepney prior to this game.

n  Global kick off a series of four tough games in 14 days with game vs. Kaya. Patrick Deyto, Misagh Bahadoran, Satoshi Otomo among the notable absentees.

n  Kaya coach Adam Reekie: “We’re happy not to concede. If we’re not conceding, we’re not losing.”

n  Reekie: “We’re very motivated; we want to prove a point vs. the bigger teams. The pressure is on Global, the have to prove that they are champions.”

n  Reekie on the Ultras Kaya: “They are better than fans in the lower leagues in the UK. Hands down, they are the best supporters in the UFL.”

n  Reekie on Ultras Kaya: “They are great motivation for the team. We hope to give something back to them.”

n  Global should have at least one goal to its name going to the half-time break, with Izzo Elhabib showing composure in front of goal only to hit the post.

n  Global was the better team in the first half, creating chances via crosses from the wings continually troubling Kaya defenders.

n  Hikaru Minegishi in particular, was a threat on the left side, combining well with Daisuke Sato, in delivering crosses to Izzo and Hartmann in the middle.

n  Coach Leigh Manson at the half: “Kaya will be the happier side with the 0-0 score line at half-time.”

n  Both teams come out strong in the second half, with Global’s Izzo scoring a goal that was disallowed for offside. Again, television replays inconclusive, but looked like he was onside.

n  Moments later, Kaya took their chance. Christian Ayew combining with Chris Greatwich on the right before delivering a cross to find an onrushing and unmarked Louis Clark for the header. 1-0 Kaya.

n  After being shackled by Jerry Barbaso in the first half, Louis Clark came to life and snatched a second goal for Kaya with a fine effort in injury time, sending Coach Adam Reekie jumping for joy and the Ultras Kaya to delirium.

n  What now Global? With Pahang FC looming on March 11, here’s the scenario:

Patrick Deyto is questionable for the AFC Cup match because of injury. With Roland Sadia ineligible, that will leave only Junjun Badelic and Felipe Tripulca as their options.

Misagh Bahadoran is unable to make the trip to Malaysia as well, due to injury.

Izzo Elhabib, Matthew Hartmann (a player they acquired primarily for the AFC Cup), Satoshi Otomo, Hiraku Minegishi, and Yu Hoshide are NOT in the AFC Cup roster.

Things are going from bad to worse for Global. You have to fear the worst in Malaysia in the AFC Cup.

The main question is: WHY aren’t the abovementioned names on the AFC Cup roster? Sources claim administrative issues are the cause, although if we are to be honest, it is a totally unacceptable reason given that Global and the PFF knew about the tournament months in advance.

n  What now, Kaya?

Kaya belied claims that ‘they had an easier schedule’ and won against Global, even if they required a very, very big slice of luck to do so.

They passed the first test, and they will have to face another test in Ceres La Salle next week.

n  Notes:

Game was stopped midway in the second half as the referee threw out some drunken spectators in the bleachers who were apparently heckling the linesman nearest to them.

This could probably be the first time spectators were ejected from the stands, but here’s another twist: said spectators are former and current UFL players.

A cat stepped on to the pitch as the game was winding down, prompting calls for the appearance of the ‘12th man’ from the commentary panel. Coach Adam Reekie was trying to douse water in a vain attempt to shoo it away.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Official Statement of Stallion FC on Levi Fernandez

OFFICIAL STATEMENT from Stallions FC regarding Levi Fernandez

"Stallion FC is happy to announce that Levi Gilmàr Di Silvà Fernandez will be joining our club starting April 1 2015. With the help of Jermaine Somuyiwa of F1st Sport and Steve MacCallen of SM Sports, Levi will be playing for Stallion FC while on loan from Alloa Athletic of the Scottish Champions Side, from April 1 to August 2015. He will be wearing jersey number 88. I believe that Levi will fit perfectly with Stallions style of football. He is young, athletic and very talented. He will instantly fit into our system both offensively and defensively.

Gilmàr Fernandez is a 21yr old Football professional, who has been playing for numerous professional clubs since the age of 8. His Grandmother Concepcion Fernandez hails from the province of Victoria Laguna. She will be joining Levi this month to help facilitate his application for a Philippine passport. We are confident that Levi will be joining Simone Rota and Ruben Doctora on the Azkals squad for the world cup qualifiers in June. He possess both world class technical skills, and a very good tactical understanding of the game. Levi will be a great addition to the Stallion roster as we embark on trying to winning the UFL Cup and UFL league in 2015.

Levi will strengthen our squad as a striker or an attacking mid in our 3-4-3 attacking system. We expect great things from Levi, and hopefully we will see more of him in a Stallion and Azkals jersey for years to come. 

Levi will be a very good role model for young Filipino footballers. He has a very interesting story to tell both on the field, as well as off the field.

Levi will be arriving on March 17, and will start training with us in preparation for his April debut.  His early arrival will help him acclimate to our summer weather as well as participate in any Azkals training camps. I am hopeful that Levi will earn a call up to the  MNT.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ray Jonsson on signing for Global FC

Ray Jonsson at the Global FC Season Kickoff

New Azkals fans may not know too much Ray Anthony Pepito Jonsson, but they should.

He was the starting left back when the Azkals rose to prominence in the 2010 Suzuki Cup, where he was one of the more consistent performers on the pitch.

After years playing in Europe, Jonsson is now in the Philippines to play for Global, joining the UFL Champions on a one year deal.

 “Boss Dan Palami convinced me to come here. I already promised him a few years ago, If I wanted to come, I’m gonna play for his team", says the unassuming Jonsson.

“I said yeah, why not? I’m already 36 but I don’t look 36 and I hope I don’t play as 36 year old”

"The Iceman" as he is known, is coming back from injury, but hopes to add experience to a youthful Global side.

“I hope to bring my experience to Global. I was injured for one and a half years, and came back 7-8 months ago.”

Asked what his plans for Global are, he had this to say: " “We’re the champions and we’re going to keep it that way”

Younger brother Michael James Jonsson is also part of the team and “plays in the same position as Ray but goes more forward.”

“He came after me because they were looking for somebody like him. I asked Dan if it was a possibility for him to come and show himself, he said no problem."

Global fans are certainly looking forward to see the Jonsson brothers on the pitch this year for their team.


The rampaging fullback with the TRUE rampaging fullback Ray Jonsson.

Behind the Scenes Quotes for the 2014 UFL Season

Commentators are given the privilege and the chance to get to know the personalities behind the UFL teams better. Most of the quotes are used in TV Commentary for Aksyon TV, which is the exclusive TV partner of the UFL.

Here are some behind the scenes quotes from the coaches and personalities of your favorite teams.

*The author is part of the commentary panel of Aksyon TV, which covers the UFL Games.


The 2014 United Football season officially drew to a close, with Global nailing the league title and the Football Alliance Charity Cup in dominating fashion.

‘The People’s Club’ started the league on the wrong foot with a 0-4 defeat to UFL Cup Champions Loyola, but embark on a run that would see the club lose just once over the next 23 games.
Global would finish the league season a whopping 13 points ahead of second placed Loyola. An astonishing +92 goal differential, capped off by an amazing 112 goals scored, underscored their dominance.

In the Charity Cup, Global flexed its superior roster against undermanned sides as they went to lift two trophies in succession.

Here are some behind the scenes highlights from the 2014 season, as told to the commentators before the games.

January 2014. Two days before the start of the season.
Global Coach Leigh Manson: “A club like Global should be winning trophies.” (Prophetic words)

Global Manager Dan Palami: “Global right now is in a transition, a work in progress” (Every team would like to be a work in progress, it is safe to assume.)

February 2014.
Loyola Coach Vince Santos: “We try and break down the game into 15 minute ‘moments’”
Phil Younghusband: “Winning (the UFL Cup) gives confidence. This year, our defence is much better.”

Stallion Coach Ernie Nierras on Loyola’s sterling first round record: “Loyola looks like Stallion from last year, no?”
(Four ex-Stallion players were in Loyola – Lee Joo Young, Park Bo Bae, Joaco Canas, Lee Won Hyung)

Ernie Nierras on facing ex-Stallion Joaco Canas:
“He’s gonna be busy the whole night. I know his weaknesses. He was our weak link in defence last season.”

March 2014:
Green Archers United manager Monchu Garcia to Coach Dolfo Alicante, who was just about to assume post-match presscon duties after a 3-2 W vs Kaya:
“Dolfo, be humble ha!”

Kaya’s Chris Greatwich, after Stallion’s Ossey Diop’s tackle nearly ended in disaster for Greatwich:
“It was the first time I lay on the pitch with tears in my eyes. I thought my leg was broken and my season done.”

Vince Santos: “Every time I have a bad game, I usually make it a point not to wear that same shirt again.” (He would need a lot of shirts late in the season).

Global manager Dan Palami, on Marvin and Marwin Angeles’ move to Ceres FC: “Why is it that when players move, we always assume that management doesn’t want them anymore? We want to give playing time to the twins.”

Pachanga Diliman Coach Noel Marcaida: “Madaming (kaming) materials pero hindi pa buo ang puzzle.” (Pachanga would finish a disappointing 6th place after being runners-up in the UFL Cup)

Leigh Manson on playing ‘the Global Way’: “We let the ball do the work. Control match tempo. We can play long balls but retain possession.”

Dan Palami on playing ‘the Global Way’: “It is a matter of trying to be there for the ball, playing as a team, covering for everybody, being there for each other.”

Dan Palami before Global defeated Pachanga to go top of the table for the first time: “Too early to make this game a game that will make us champions.” (Global would not relinquish top spot from that point onwards)

Dan Palami on Captain Jason de Jong: “Jason has matured with the captaincy.”

April 2014:
Army’s Boogie Margarse after Ronel Gener was suspended for the rest of the season because of five red cards accumulated:
“Gusto naming ibahin ang imahe ng Army.”

May 2014:
Kaya Coach David Perkovic:” It is pleasing to develop players for the National Team, when the players’ efforts are recognized.”
(Kaya would have seven players on the Azkals squad)

Ernie Nierras: “We plan to return the favour to Kaya.”
(In 2013, Kaya beat Global last year to make Stallion Champions.)

June 2014:
From a disgruntled, and unnamed, player who obviously wasn’t too pleased with the direction of his team: “Parang baranggay na lang to. Pinapasok na lang ang gustong ipasok (sa field).”

Pachanga Coach Noel Marcaida before facing Stallion, a team that was not able to beat Pachanga this year: “We want to protect our good record vs. Stallion this season.”

Five days later. Pachanga Coach Noel Marcaida before facing Green Archers, a team that was not able to beat Pachanga this year: “We want to protect our good record vs. Green Archers this season.”

Most direct free kick of the season, via text: “Who are those commentators for the game? Throw those idiots over the bleachers.”

July 2014:
Vince Santos, before the Charity Cup semi-finals:
“We have to play on the last game day (be it for first or for third), might as well play for the title.” Loyola would go on to lose in the semis and settle for fourth place. Note his enthusiasm in playing the Charity Cup.

Interim Kaya Coach Chris Greatwich on being sent off in the first leg of the semi-finals:
“I just asked the referee, ‘Are you winding me up? He then showed me the red.’”