Thursday, September 19, 2013

UFL Cup 2013 Pre-Draw Pot Groupings

The UFL Cup is almost upon us!

There will be 28 participating teams, composed of: 

Ten (10) UFL League 1st Division clubs

·   Stallion FC
·   Global FC
·   Loyola FC
·   Kaya FC
·   Pachanga Diliman FC
·   Green Archers United FC
·   PSG FC
·   Nomads FC
·   Phil. Army FC
·   Phil. Air Force FC

Nine (9) UFL League 2nd  Division clubs

·   Team Socceroo FC
·   Union Internacional Manila FC
·   Forza FC
·   Agila FC
·   Laos FC
·   Phil. Navy FC
·   Cimarron FC
·   Manila All-Japan FC
·   Dolphins United FC

Nine (9) new / guest clubs 

·   Blue Guards FC
·   Bright Star FC
·   Cebu Queen City United FC
·   Ceres – La Salle FC
·   General Trias International FC
·   Manila Hurricanes FC
·   Manila Jeepney FC
·   Manila Tala FC
·   Mendiola FC 1991

Twenty-eight teams will be drawn if four groups of seven teams.
Top two teams (14 in total) advance to the next round together with two best third finishers to make 16 teams.

From there it will be a knockout format to determine the champion. What is interesting to see are how the different teams are separated into four pots.

Pot 1:
Stallion FC (1st), Global FC (2nd), Loyola FC (3rd), Kaya FC (4th), Pachanga Diliman (5th), Green Archers United FC (6th), PSG FC (7th)

Pot 2:     
Nomads FC (8th), Phil. Army FC (9th), Phil. Air Force FC (10th), Team Socceroo FC (1st), Union Internacional Manila FC (2nd), Forza FC (3rd), Agila FC (4th)

Pot 3:     
Laos FC (5th), Phil. Navy FC (6th), Cimarron FC (7th), Manila All-Japan FC (8th), Dolphins United FC (9th), Cebu Queen City United FC (only new / guest club to have participated in the UFL League (2011/12)), Ceres – La Salle FC (PFF Smart Club National Champions)

Pot 4:     
Blue Guards FC, Bright Star FC, General Trias International FC, Manila Hurricanes FC, Manila Jeepney FC, Manila Tala FC, Mendiola FC 1991

A potential challenging group would be for example:

Global, Air Force, Ceres and General Trias.
Loyola, Socceroo, Ceres and Mendiola would be interesting as well!
Kaya, Army, Laos, Jeepney?

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