Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Philippine Football Peace Cup Poster

Here's the poster for the Philippine Football Peace Cup to be held in the Rizal Memorial Stadium this September 25-29, 2012.

According to the Blue Haired Fanatic, Ebong Joson, kick-off for the first game will be at 4pm. The second game starts at 730pm. Enough time for people to come catch the Azkals games after work.

This tournament was called the Long Teng Cup, before it became the Paulino Alcantara Cup. It became the Paulino Alcantara Peace Cup, before sectors finally agreed on the rather boring Philippine Football Peace Cup.

First off, nothing peaceful about football games, if the recent 'friendly' between the Azkals and Laos was any indication.

Secondly, Captain Aly Borromeo (pictured above) doesn't seem to be in the mood for peace in the poster. Will 'el kapitan' see some action? I personally hope so.

Hope to see the crowds support the Azkals. My humble preview on the tournament as we approach gameday!

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