Friday, March 30, 2012

Rafa Nadal vs Cristiano Ronaldo -- for Nike

Who will win when tennis superstar Rafa Nadal takes on football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in a tennis match?

Who will win when Nadal takes on Ronaldo in a tennis match using a football?

There can only be winner, won't it?

Nike. And the NEW Mercurial Vapor VIII. (With explosive speed) *cue spotlight on the shoe*

Who will be the first one to wear these in the UFL?

Friday, March 23, 2012

You want Drama? Greuther Furth vs BVB: German Pokal 2012 Semis

The Setting: German Pokal (German Domestic Cup) Semi-finals

Protagonists: 1.Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund vs 2. Bundesliga leaders SpVgg Greuther Furth
{Both teams yet to concede a goal so far in the Cup}

Venue: Furth, Bavaria, Germany {where Furth have won their last six home games}

Scenario: A goalless 90 minutes was not enough to separate the two teams. Deep in extra-time, Furth Coach Michael Buskens replaces starting goalkeeper Max Grun with Jasmin Fejzic, deeming Fejzic to be a better penalty stopper.

It does not go to penalties. At exactly 1:19:55, substitute Ilkay Gundogan fires a shot which hit the post, only to hit the back of the unfortunate Fejzic into the Furth net.

Cue celebrations from the Dortmund players.
Cue scenes of despair from Furth and its fans, perhaps including the Azkals' Stephan Schrock, who was injured.
Cue scenes of Dortmund Coach Jurgen Klopp celebrating and perhaps gesturing to his opposite number: You think it would go to penalties, huh? Keep your 'penalty keeper' in the bench. We're ending this one!

Gotta love Klopp's celebrations. No wonder Chelsea are interested. (Klopp turned them down after the game).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Most Obvious Red Card of the Year - c/o Hamburg's Paolo Guerrero

Venue : Imtech Arena, Hamburg, Germany

Date: March 3, 2012

Occasion : Hamburg playing at home against Stuttgart, with the hosts 0-3 down at this point.

Details: HSV Striker Paolo Guerrero 'attempting' to take out Stuttgart keeper Sven Ulreich while Ulreich was letting the ball go out near the corner flag.

Result: 8 match ban for the rash tackle (which has since been appealed).

What were you thinking, Paolo Guerrero?? Wow. Potentially career-ending injury there to Ulreich, plus no hope (and intent) at all to get the ball.