Sunday, December 4, 2011

LA Galaxy - Azkals Post Match Press Conference -- Coach Weiss

After the LA Galaxy thrashed the Azkals 6-1, here is what Coach Michael Weiss had to say.

He minced no words. Click to find out what he said.

This post match press conference was held in the media room of the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, initially moderated by Rick Olivares.

1 comment:

  1. I actually think the Philippine NT was pretty decent in the first half. Lord knows where their game went in the second. (A more detailed analysis should come in the next few hours---just let me recover first!)

    That said, I do think though that Coach Weiss needs a bit of media training. It's fine to discuss what went wrong with the team during the match, but why he has to make underhanded comments about his boys is, well, appropriate only for certain audiences. Yes, he ought to discipline his team, but he shouldn't also be airing dirty laundry to media.