Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Press Release for Jan. 7, 2012 Sendong Charity Match : Azkals vs Inter de Madrid

"Dili kamo nag-iisa"

Sendong left the nation shocked and grieving, grief like this demands a response and responsibility. As a nation we have a chance to stand as one with the victims and let them know they are not alone, as such a football match is being organized to raise funds for the victims and let them know we care. The match will be between the Azkals and friends v Internacional de Madrid a Spanish league side on Jan. 7th at the Rizal Memorial Stadium and will be called "Dili kamo nag-iisa" a blend of Bisayan and Tagalog showing the strength of unity and purpose that if one of us suffers we stand together and care together and are stronger for it.

The havoc that Typhoon Sendong inflicted has left many Filipinos grieving or knowing others whose lives have been tragically impacted, the Philippine football community spans the nation and as it emerged how horrendous the situation was the Philippine Football Federation received word that they also had also suffered casualties, Juni Caaway a referee from Iligan lost his life and Norman Lozano another referee lost four children. Thoughts and prayers are with them and the other victims.

Ticket details will be released soon and tickets will be made available for a minimum donation set low enough to encourage all levels of society to attend but high enough that the donation will be meaningful. The organizers are also asking for donations of goods to be taken to the match where LBC will have trucks and staff on site to help sort the donations.

Why not get involved, encourage your friends to watch the game with you, organize a viewing party with a suggested minimum donation, ask a local bar to host an event with a percentage of the evenings takings to be donated to the victims, sort through your things and donate what you do not use or need, if we all get involved and share the responsibility we can let those still suffering know that indeed dili kamo nag-iisa.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) have been chosen as the main beneficiary for the event and the LBC Foundation are working with the organizers to maximize collecting and distributing donations. Selected LBC offices worldwide are open to accept donations:


We are counting on your support to be able to provide food, non-food items (including kitchen ware, dinner sets, cleaning materials, latrines, medicine, livelihood programs and shelter projects) and our services to the most vulnerable Filipinos in the hardest hit cities and provinces.


Below Philippine Red Cross bank account details provided for all cash donations:

Banco de Oro Peso Account: 4530018647, swift code BNOR PH MM



All LBC branches both here and abroad are serving as drop-off centers for all donations. All these donations will then be turned-over to partner NGOs in the affected areas (Red Cross, Sagip Kapamilya, ABS-CBN to name a few).

These are the countries outside the Philippines where LBC has a presence:

KSA & Kuwait

Please be aware of restrictions abroad though. LBC cannot accept bottled water and medicines for shipping to the Philippines. There is also a law against importing of used clothing being imported into the Philippines .

Please check www.lbcexpress.com  for the branch closest to you or call the LBC Hotline on 8585-99


Courtesy of Mr. Craig Burrows.

Dili kamo nag-iisa. Sendong Charity Game Poster and CGreatwich's statement

Listen, guys.

This is a perfect opportunity for football fans to give back. Too often, we have always thought, what can I do to help? The football players and the powers that be have done their share by organizing this game, it is now up to the footballing community to rise up to the challenge and help out.

Here is Azkals' Chris Greatwich's statement regarding the game. (courtesy of http://azkalsfootballteam.com/news.php?id=13).

A Special Message from Chris Greatwich

Like millions of people around their television sets, I watched in horror as typhoon Sendong hit Mindanao and caused devastation throughout Southern Philippines. In the past with other natural disasters, I have sat there, watched, thought about how sad it must be and then carried on with my day. I remember a few years ago when the Tsunami hit Thailand and Indonesia around Christmas time and the loss of life and destruction it caused, and yet I felt helpless to do anything to contribute in a way that would have genuine impact.

In the past year, the Azkals have gone from relative unknowns to well-known celebrities. Even 'players' with minimal involvement with the Azkals have seemed to have enticed corporations and sponsors to scramble to be associated with the National Team players. While it is great that some of our players can make a career out of playing football in the Philippines (a concept which was impossible a few years ago) we now have a responsibility socially to contribute in a positive way.

In the aftermath of Sendong it was time for action. As people were left without clothes, homeless and even without loved ones (the death toll is now set to rise to above 3000) I knew that as a football community, we needed to do something to help. It began by tweeting Dan Palami and Craig Burrows—two men who have been heavily involved in developing football in the Philippines and have experience in putting on and promoting big events. The concept was simple—organize a charity game for people to come and the money raised will go straight to the victims of the flood. Within an hour a meeting had been arranged, with LBC CEO Santi Araneta and Global FC Coach Graeme Mackinnon getting heavily involved to push this through. The outcome: a game vs CF Madrid on January 7th, which will be televised on a major TV network, LBC will be providing boxes for people to donate clothes, blankets and groceries and an auction of Azkals memorabilia to help raise additional funds for the cause.  

Football has the ability to transcend barriers like no other vehicle. I have been involved with the Azkals for the past 7 years and the profile of the team has never been higher and it has been a meteoric rise to fame based on the foundations of hard work, togetherness and a 'never-say-die' attitude. My hope is that the National Team realize that we can now use football as a vehicle to transcend these barriers, to help to build relationships with local communities, to aid the impoverished and to generally assist those most in the need.

My hope is that the upcoming Sendong Charity Game will be the catalyst for other such initiatives to help the Filipino's who are most in need. Football is the beautiful game and has the power to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This Christmas—spare a thought for those people in Mindanao without a Christmas—and come out and support our game on January 7th.


Monday, December 5, 2011

More Videos from the Post-Match Press Conference : LA Galaxy vs Azkals

This will include appearances from Coach Bruce Arena, Landon Donovan and David Beckham, along with Azkals Captain Chieffy Caligdong and Phil Younghusband.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

LA Galaxy - Azkals Post Match Press Conference - Emotional Blue Haired Fanatic and Landon Donovan

There was one very touching sidelight to the post-match press conference at the conclusion of the LA Galaxy vs Philippines game last December 3, 2011.

An emotional Ebong Joson, aka The Blue Haired Fanatic gave his symbolic wristband to US National Men's Team and LA Galaxy captain Landon Donovan, representing a gift from all the fans of the Philippines.

Landon Donovan has publicly said that he has fallen in love with our country and Ebong said that it was the least he could do to show his appreciation and gratitude to Landon, in behalf of the Filipino fans.

Landon Donovan 
Quickly falling in love with the Philippines.
Please see the video below.
Well done, Ebong! 
As for Captain America, we hope that he will make good his promise to come back to the Philippines soon. On a personal note, how we all would've wished he will wear that shirt next March in the AFC Challenge Cup!

LA Galaxy - Azkals Post Match Press Conference -- Coach Weiss

After the LA Galaxy thrashed the Azkals 6-1, here is what Coach Michael Weiss had to say.

He minced no words. Click to find out what he said.

This post match press conference was held in the media room of the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, initially moderated by Rick Olivares.