Monday, November 14, 2011

Azkals vs Brunei (2008) Locker Room vid c/o Chieffy

As I was doing my prep work for AKTV for the commentary for the U23 Azkals vs Brunei, I found this gem of a video from our midfield maestro, Chieffy Caligdong. This Youtube video was dated August 8, 2008, light years ago from the superstar status these men are enjoying as of the moment. 

From the title of the video, it seems that this was taken in the locker room before the Azkals game against Brunei.

After you see this video, please answer this : How many Azkals can you recognize and who are they? Answers are more than welcome in the comments section below!

PS. Gotta dig that background pre-game music!


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  2. The ones I recognise (although not accurately): Aly Borromeo, Anton del Rosario, Chris Greatwich, Phil Greatwich, Chad Gould, Phil Younghusband, Eduard Sacapano, Mark Ferrer, Peter Jaugan, Reymark Palmes, Roel Gener, Ian Araneta, Ricardo Becite & Chieffy Caligdong holding the camera. I also see Edwin Cabalida, Rolando Pinero and Edsel Bracamonte there too. :)

    Ahhh... those days when they were just playing and playing alone...