Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backheeled Penalty Kick -- Would you try that?

There are simple penalty kicks, mishit penalty kicks, cocky penalty kicks, and then there is this backheel penalty kick. 

In a friendly game last July 17, 2011, UAE winger Theyab Awana scored on a penalty kick against Lebanon. What caused so much attention was how he scored it. Take a look for yourselves: 

You be the judge. Extreme self-confidence or cockiness?

Naturally, opponents were not amused by his antics. Even his coach was not pleased. Granted the score was already 5-2 in their favor when the penalty took place. But such audacity should at least merit some attention. The poor goalkeeper didn't know what hit him, but in all honesty, should've saved the kick. Keeper was rooted to the spot.

What would you do if an opposing player attempts this on you?

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