Thursday, July 28, 2011

Azkals vs Kuwait Medical Committee Advisory on Safety During Matches


The local organizing committee is committed to ensure safety and proper conduct of the match to minimize untoward incidents, individual medical events and mass casualty. We have prepared a 45 man complement of doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and other specialists to take care of the whole medical and organizational infastructure as well as the spectators.

These personnel have been trained according to FIFA Standards of Safety Regulations as well as Football and Emergency Medicine. In this regard, we would like to assure the general public that their safety is of our utmost concern. In that regard, certain aspects of safety would also involve the active participation of the viewing public with regards to spectator behavior and individual care to ensure the enjoyment of  the match from a medical standpoint.

The folllowing  regulations contain the safety measures that the PFF Local organizing Committee (LOC) provide to help prevent crowd disturbances and ensure a minimum of safety and order within the confines and vicinity of the stadium.The regulations also detail the structural, technical, organisational and operational measures that must be carried out when a football match is hosted in a stadium.


-Upon Entry to the stadium, Kindly be patient with the security checks. The entry security checks shall verify the following:
• Possession of a valid ticket to gain access to the stadium
• That the person is not in possession of weapons or any other dangerous objects that may not, for legal reasons, be taken into the stadium, including aggressive or inciting banners and lasers;
• That the person is not in possession of any alcoholic beverages;
• That the person is not under the influence of alcohol or  other intoxicating substances.

-Individual Personal Care During the Match:
·         Pls. be prepared for both Rain and Hot and humid conditions; caps, light raingear are adequate.
·         You may bring a very small personal safety kit which may contain: a small towel , moist wipes, hand sanitizers.
·         Pls. ensure adequate personal hydration (i.e. water, drinks) during the match.
·         Pls. take care of personal hygiene concerns prior to kick-off to minimize crowd foot traffic during the match.
·         There will be a complement of FIRST –AID RESPONDERS dressed in WHITE BIBS with a RED CROSS. There are 2 first-aiders per stadium section and exit. Should you need any personal medical care, these persons are equipped to render first aid (i.e. basic cuts, wounds, dehydration, fainting, hypoglycemia etc.). In the event of a serious medical event, they have been instructed to Radio Ground Medical staff to coordinate Ambulances and Resuscitative equipment located near the Ninoy Aquino and PATAFA exits. (Pls. see attached Medical layout)
·         There is a MEDICAL ROOM within the stadium. Kindly approach the first-aiders assigned to your stadium should you have any serious medical concerns.

-Individual Behaviour During Matches
·         provocative and aggressive actions are not encouraged
·         The match organisers guarantee in cooperation with the local security authorities that, in the stadium or its immediate vicinity,
that supporters do not act in a provocative or aggressive manner. This includes, for example, unacceptable levels of verbal provocation or aggression towards players, match officials or opposing fans, racist behaviour and banners and flags that bear provocative or aggressive slogans.


            Mass casualty events are untoward events stemming from structural (i.e. stadium), behavioral (i.e. crowd control) and medical events which involve a significant number of the general public. In the event that such an event takes place, the provisions mentioned in this article will help ensure  safety and proper crowd flow.
-                          Prior to match day, kindly take time to be familiar with stadium exit routes and crowd control flows (usually towards the Vito Cruz gate)
-                          There will be emergency access points to the field of play in the event of a mass casualty.
-                          Pls. be familiar with evacuation routes and a slow, controlled exit is highly encouraged.
-                          Pls. be wary of emergency vehicle/ aambulance passage lanes at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium exit and the Adriatico exit fronting PATAFA services.

-                          Pls. be very attentive to Stadium Announcements concerning Individual Safety, Crowd Behavior and Evacuation Routes as appropriate.

The game can be made more enjoyable and memorable if there are no medical events prior to, during and after the course of the match. You are ultimately responsible for your own individual personal health. If you are at any personal medical risk  (ie. Cardiac events, stroke, hypoglycemia) kindly inform the first-aider assigned at your station.

Pls. do take time to read the above safety provisions to ensure an adequate spectator experience. Thank you very much.


(sgd.) Edwin Mercado, MD, FPOA
          Randy M.Molo, MD, FPOA

Four Photos of the Pitch and the Pre-Match Presscon (Azkals vs Kuwait)

Even with the heavy downpour, the pitch looks perfect. This was taken July 27, 2011 at 1:30pm.

No puddles!

Pre Match Press Conference.
From L-R : Kuwait Media Officer Talal Al-Mehteb, Kuwait Coach Goran, Rick Olivares, Coach Weiss, Aly Borromeo.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 28 -- Azkals vs Kuwait Advisory

For all the fans watching the game between the Philippines and Kuwait on July 28, 2011 at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, kindly be advised of the advisory issued by the PFF Organizing Committee: 



The Local Organizing Committee of the Home Match of the Second Leg between the Philippines and Kuwait for the Asian Qualifiers of the 2014 World Cup released the following advisory:

Traffic Advisory:

The side of Adriatico directly fronting Rizal Memorial Football Stadium and leading to both Quirino Avenue and Vito Cruz will be closed from 8am-10pm on the 27th and 28th of July.

List of prohibited items:

Food and drink; whistles; 
cigarettes and lighters; 
professional still and video cameras; 
laser pens and pointers; 
weapons and any sharp objects; 
fireworks or any type of pyrotechnics; 
glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, and hard plastic containers; 
posters, banners or signage with political slogans; 
advertising without the express written approval of FIFA and the LOC; 
large back packs and waist packs; 
alcoholic beverages; 
illegal drugs; 
large chains, bracelets, spike bracelets, wallet chains, and metal belt buckles; 
balloons, and chairs.
Pregnant women and parents of children below 12 years old should sign a Waiver Form before entry.


Distribution of media IDs:
July 27 --- 10am -2pm at Media Center of Ninoy Aquino Stadium

Press Conference:
July 27 ----  2pm-230pm Media Center Ninoy Aquino Stadium

Game Day events:
Rizal Memorial Football Stadium gates open at 3pm

Activities: Face painting and photo wall

Sponsors for the home match are the following:
McDonald’s,  Purefoods, San Miguel Beer, Petron, Smart, Collezione C2, Easy Pha Max, Football Philippines magazine, Molten, Summit, RFM Vit Water Power, Yellow Cab, Kia, Suzuki, Philippine Star, 3M, Diamond Hotel and PAGCOR.

Addendum :

Due to the rainy weather, all fans are advised to bring raincoats for the game. Let's go Azkals! We Believe.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Azkals vs Kuwait, Leg 1 Preview

One of the best things about football is its unpredictable nature. That, coupled with possible formations, team selections and a host of other factors like suspensions and injuries help conjure up a frenzy of football punditry ahead of games.

An example would be the game on July 23 pitting the Azkals against the mighty Kuwait. With skipper Aly Borromeo and midfield dynamo Stephan Schrock ruled out due to suspension, and Paul Mulders and Chris Greatwich unavailable due to club commitments, it would be very interesting to see who Coach Michael Weiss chooses to his starting eleven.

The game of "IF you were Coach Weiss, who would you select?" is on.
Here's my take :

This is a 4-2-3-1 formation, a variation of the 4-5-1 formation.The goal of a five man midfield is to congest the lanes and pack the midfield like a can of sardines. Anton del Rosario moves in to fill for the suspended Aly Borromeo. Roel Gener is preferred over Jason Sabio at the right. 

Jason de Jong's return to national duty could not have come at a more fortuitous time. With Kuwait enjoying a very strong attack, pressure to stop the attack will not just be on the back four, but on the two defensive midfield shields as well. 

Wing play would be essential for us to get a result. If Chieffy Caligdong is able to push up in the left wing, this will relieve pressure on the Azkals and will in turn put pressure on Kuwait. If James Younghusband can find time and space to deliver telling crosses, who knows what can happen?

Angel Guirado normally plays as a striker up front, but against Kuwait, his presence as an extra man in midfield may be where he is more needed.  His linkup play with Phil should be impeccable and their understanding should be spot on. Time to leave the egos in the locker room and play some team ball.

It is  my sincere hope that we stay compact and defend aggressively for the 90 minutes. If we are able to limit the damage in the first leg, then there is all to play for in Manila.

Any thoughts on the formation? How would you like to lineup the Azkals against Kuwait?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backheeled Penalty Kick -- Would you try that?

There are simple penalty kicks, mishit penalty kicks, cocky penalty kicks, and then there is this backheel penalty kick. 

In a friendly game last July 17, 2011, UAE winger Theyab Awana scored on a penalty kick against Lebanon. What caused so much attention was how he scored it. Take a look for yourselves: 

You be the judge. Extreme self-confidence or cockiness?

Naturally, opponents were not amused by his antics. Even his coach was not pleased. Granted the score was already 5-2 in their favor when the penalty took place. But such audacity should at least merit some attention. The poor goalkeeper didn't know what hit him, but in all honesty, should've saved the kick. Keeper was rooted to the spot.

What would you do if an opposing player attempts this on you?