Sunday, June 26, 2011

Azkals' TV Commercials -- Chibog na!

With the Azkals' rise to prominence comes the inevitable product endorsements. It is always fun to watch athletes in TV commercials, most especially those appearing in their first ones. You sometimes just feel something's not quite natural about the way they deliver their lines. 

I really wonder what the Azkals' have in common with Silver Swan Soy Sauce though.

Ditto with Silver Swan Suka : 

Because the Azkals' only burst into national consciousness last December 2010, we tend to forget that our main man, Phil Younghusband, has already appeared in TV commercials since 2009. This one is for Alaska, asking you to "Drink your food".

Although, back then, he DID have to remove his shirt for Fit n Right.

And another clip showing him leaving a trail of players in his wake. Thanks to Energo Health Energy Drink!

Nowadays, we see him more frequently, albeit now with his clothes on. This one is asking you to make "deliciously healthy choices".

Here, he's telling everyone that he's not a footballer after all!

Which leads us to a cameo appearance for Smart Communications here : 

Did I miss anything?

A lot has been said on how these off-field endorsements take away the players focus on the pitch. Personally, I beg to differ. Playing football in this country doesn't exactly translate to megabucks for the players. Hence, we cannot begrudge them of their time in the spotlight, and the subsequent endorsement money that they may earn. In my personal opinion, they are making hay while the sun shines, and there is no shame in doing that.

The only area of concern is if footballers get too enamored in the celebrity lifestyle and neglect their football, be it practice and training. Without football, they are not likely to bag these endorsements. (Notice that all commercials have a direct link to the sport. Even Silver Swan Patis has James wearing his Azkals kit). 

It is best that they remember this fact. Phil and James Younghusband were 'gwapo' before December 2010. 
Are they more 'gwapo' now? 

Yes, all because the Azkals are doing quite well, thank you very much.


As the Azkals popularity continue to soar, they have since been featured in two more commercials as of July 5, 2011. Here they are giving you the quick solution to muscle pain :

And the indefatigable Phil Younghusband with the love of his life, telling the world to show it off, which meant that he once again had to take off his clothes. Coming full circle, eh?


Updated August 23, 2011.
There's just no stopping the Azkals. Next up is an Oktoberfest commercial from San Miguel Beer by Ian Araneta, Aly Borromeo and Chieffy Caligdong. But the star of the commercial is Coach Michael Weiss who probably is the only person who can say 'Itong inumin nyo!' and make it sound like cuss words.

Will post the video as soon as I find a working Youtube link for this.


  1. Thanks for my birthday gift, Ryan! (Harharhar.)

    I was explaining Phil's Silver Swan TVC to my friends over dinner, and the only conclusion that they could find is that it's parallel to Manny Pacquiao endorsing Datu Puti. (Well no parity on the hotness & champion levels, but on the general popularity level, perhaps?)

    And apart from what you mentioned about footballers and endorsements, I do hope they reach a point where they can afford to choose products they endorse (um, yeah, I still am baffled by Silver Swan---but the Silver Swan TVC with Phil, Aly, Chieffy, and Ian cracked me up), primarily as a measure to take care of the public image.

    But of course, it may be an entirely different discussion once the shirts are removed from the picture. Hohohoho.

  2. As always, the game-changer : buffed up men taking off their shirts.

    What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his clothing?

  3. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his clothing?

    Lots of happy women throwing him bras and thongs that he could opt to wear?

  4. you missed phil in century tuna with angel. :)

    but you're right, people can't begrudge them of these things. hey I wish they get more endorsements and free passes whatever. they deserve all of them. besides, if nobody's willing to shed shillings for them, might as well that they work hard to earn those bucks.

    more power! :)