Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Jeepney Magazine

Many have asked why I am involved in the Homeless World Cup project. I was drawn to it because of the very noble aim of being able to help a marginalized sector of our society through something that I love, which is football. 
In the process, I was introduced to an even nobler project, started by Bill and Debbie Shaw. Here are some YouTube videos to further explain how The Jeepney is more than just daily transportation to some people. 

As said in the video, the concept of a street paper is not new. There are 112 street papers in 40 countries in six continents around the world. A Jeepney Magazine costs php 100,  php 50 of which goes to the vendor.

Maldwyn de Pano of Design Plus puts it very well : ' We're not selling the magazine, we're selling a new life (pagbabagong buhay). It's a very noble idea, you give dignity to the person who has no home, no job. '

How can we help?

We can subscribe to the Jeepney Magazine and purchase back issues from the vendors.
Details are here in their website :

Or for more info, you can get in touch with Ms. Cecill Artates via or via her cellphone number : 0999-6908156.
For subscription, kindly please email

Let's all hop on The Jeepney!

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