Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Starting Eleven vs Palestine

This is my starting formation tonight against Palestine :


Gener      Anton         Gier          Jonsson

               Aly       Simon

 James YH         Angel          Chieffy


Yes, I would name an unchanged side vs Palestine.

These eleven players just had the chance to play together for the FIRST TIME against Myanmar. They barely had time to gel and know each other's moves. They had no benefit of a lengthy training session, and most probably just had tactical lessons with Coach Weiss with a blackboard.

That Football, with eleven men on the pitch, is obviously a team sport. More so because, unlike basketball, we make through balls and passes to spaces where we expect our teammates to be. There lies the fact that players need to know which side their teammates prefer to receive their passes, or if a high ball came in, which defender would take care of the clearance.

Palestine is the proverbial darkhorse in the group. Their low FIFA rank belies the fact that they play good football, if given the chance. Their football has suffered thanks to politics.

Therefore, I really don't expect Jerry Lucena to make the starting eleven. Our starting eleven for Myanmar should be given a chance. Plus, did he just arrived in hot and humid Myanmar from Denmark yesterday? Fatigue, jetlag, and weather adjustments might take a toll.

I really feel that the Azkals should always preach safety first, and keeping clean sheets. With the way we are continuously changing players, a very intrepid formation might leave us on our backside, trailing the enemy.

Key substitutions would be : Jason Sabio if either Ray/Roel/Anton gets in trouble or fatigued or Jerry Lucena for that dose of inspiration that we might need at the latter stages. Becite/Guerridon may come on for a tiring Angel.

A very interesting, and attacking substitution, if we are chasing the game would be :
Jerry Lucena for Ian Araneta.

This would leave Angel as our striker with Jerry behind him. The front four of Chieffy, James, Jerry and Angel would be supported by an advanced Simon Greatwich, leading to a 4-1-4-1 formation.


Gener      Anton         Gier          Jonsson

James YH   Simon     Lucena      Chieffy


PS. Reading some criticism in the forums regarding the performace of our players against Myanmar.

Only have one question for you : Did you see the game?


  1. Hey Ryan,

    I'm inclined to see our starting XI vs. Myanmar start vs. Palestine as well. I think people underestimate Palestine, just basing their perceptions on a lower ranking. That said, as Ingrid pointed out, we're facing a team of full-time footballers who have been playing under the same system for at least two years.

    I don't know just how much Jerry Lucena has played with the rest of the guys prior to this afternoon's match, but I will not make that gamble of starting him, especially when we're facing a team that has scouted us well.


  2. Jerry Lucena is playing from start .

    Playing :
    Etheridge, Gier, Del Rosario, J Younghusband, Borromeo, Aldeguer, Caligdong, S Greatwich, Araneta, Jonsson, Lucena

    Subs: Gener, Barsales, Margarse, Sacapano, Sabio, Espinosa, Tuason