Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Thoughts as Azkals draw Myanmar. AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers

First thoughts as the Azkals drew 1-1 with Myanmar.

1.) Have we potentially dropped two crucial points?

2.) Will we see another coming of the 4-2-3-1 formation? Exactly how effective was that formation?

3.) Was Ian Araneta taken off as a precaution, or is he still hampered by the recent injury?

4.) The Azkals were the ones who made equalizing stoppage time goals. Now the shoe is on the other foot. We should be very wary of this, especially coming in the last stages of the game with a slender one goal lead.

5.) Palestine's low FIFA Ranking is a decoy. They seem to be our big threat together with Myanmar for the top two spots in our Group.

6.) Crucially, Palestine scored 'only' two goals against Bangladesh. We play Bangladesh in our last game. IF it comes to goal difference, we would know how many goals we need to knock in.

7.) Will fatigue come into play? Five games in three days is no joke/ We complained of the Arctic temperatures in Mongolia? Careful of what you wish for. Pitch side reporters complaining of 'heat'. Again, crucially, we play ALL our three games at 3:30 pm Myanmar time.  We are the only country in Group A to do so. Conspiracy theory? A later kickoff time (6pm MYA time) would give us much needed relief from playing in stifling heat.

8.) The Jerry Lucena factor. I don't think he was brought in to play one of the two midfield shields. Nor was he brought in to warm the bench. Ergo, where will we put him in the lineup?

9.) Would the answer be : Bench Ian/Yanti. Put Guirado up front, with Lucena behind him?

10.) How did Simon Greatwich do as a midfield shield?

11.) Hope we don't do a 'Singapore' and draw the first game (via allowing a stoppage time equalizer by the opponent) and go on to............*let's remain positive*

12.) Can you imagine life without twitter?


  1. Thank you to Twitter, we all got a taste of this game :)

  2. Agree with analysis 7. The best time of day to play the game would be in the evening or early morning so that the temperature would not be in extremes so much.

  3. I agree that Palestine is our main threat (after myanmar). The reason for their low rankings They just hadn't played competively since 2006. Any team in the middle east is a strong team in football. but i believe we can match them physically and technically as well.