Friday, February 4, 2011


'Too much hype on Azkals tiff' | The Philippine Star >> News >> Sports:

Hype is defined by wiktionary as : 

hype (plural hypes)

  1. Promotion or propaganda; especially, exaggerated claims.

For a sport previously bereft of any sort of hype whatsoever, would it be so much as to begrudge this group of mongrels some form of excitement from the general public?

IF the message was to tone down expectations, it is perfectly reasonable. After all, we aren't exactly expecting to cruise against Mongolia, aren't we? 

This is what Mr. Cojuangco said 

“I’m worried about the high expectations,”

“There seems to be too much publicity. But I hope that we win. We’re good. But we have to understand that we’re coming up from the bottom. I hope we don’t expect too much,”

Yes, we have the potential, but let us not expect too much. We have a new coach, and some of the players are just about to plane in, with just how many days away,”

Wrong choice of words, perhaps. Something about the word 'hype' connotes 'overrated', which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Let's just bring postive vibes and let our football do the talking, shall we?

NOW, regarding talks of us qualifying to the World Cup. THAT is hype. Best left for another post.


Addendum : See Captain Aly Borromeo's perfect riposte here, via Cedelf Tupas.
Couldn't have said it better, cap. 

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