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Random Thoughts on Kaya vs Loyola and JP Voltes vs Laos

JP Voltes 4 Laos FC 0

JP Voltes finished the first round of the UFL League in a strong third place, ahead of Loyola, Kaya and Stallion. Who’d have thought that would happen, eh?

Many fans and coaches have been impressed at the four foreign players of JP Voltes – striker Takumi Uesato, midfielders Takashi Odawara and Yu Hoshide and defender Masaki Yanagawa have arguably been one of the better foreign quartets playing in the league.

One opposing player commented: “JP Voltes is very disciplined. The Japanese players have influenced the way the others have been playing.”

Trivia on how the name JP Voltes came about:
‘J’ is for Japan.
‘P’ is for Philippines.
‘Voltes’ … well, since Voltes V is very famous in the Philippines…….

An hour before the JP Voltes games, you will notice their team manager Yuki Tanaka at the SM Tickets booth giving out tickets to children. The kids are part of his charity, who now become de facto cheerleaders of JP Voltes in the games.

The inspiring story of Laos goalkeeper Felipe Tripulca Jr.: The then aspiring goalkeeper was a former ballboy of the UFL back when the league was playing in the University of Makati.

As he wanted to improve his craft, he always requested to be stationed behind the goalkeeper during games, picking up pointers. Look at him now, a starting goalkeeper for a UFL team. Good job!

When Patrick Franksson scores big, Laos wins. Suffice to say he didn't score today, thus the result. Might he prove to be a useful pickup in the transfer window?

Loyola 1 Kaya 0

There’s bad blood between these two teams – even though the players will not be so forthright as to admit it. You can feel it in the air, even the way players avoid each other in the grandstand prior to warm-ups. This was a prelude for sure to a highly physical game.

Reason number 27 to watch the games live: watch for the off the ball contact between players.
Elbows being thrown, players stomping on each other when no one’s looking…case in point: Robert Lopez Mendy vs Joaco Canas. / Robert Lopez Mendy vs. Simon Greatwich. / Robert Lopez Mendy vs. Everybody Else.

Junior Munoz had to be replaced because of a broken nose. A ball hit him that hard?

It is perhaps a testament to how Kaya treated this game that Kaya coach Chris Greatwich started with Alfred Osei to partner Masa Omura at the back ahead of veteran Aly Borromeo and Audi Menzi.
Was Greatwich looking for reliability and solidity at the back, but at the expense of a dynamic midfield player?

On the other side, the newly blonde Jason de Jong was stationed at midfield to bolster the LMS midfield, with Anton del Rosario partnering Joaco Canas. Loyola coach Simon McMenemy understands importance of control of the middle.

You know it’s not a good day for the Loyola Meralco Sparks defence when your two starting centerbacks have to be subbed off – Joaco for injury (?) and Anton del Rosario for tactical purposes (?)

James Younghusband had quite an interesting afternoon – starting up top as the number 9, but having to be the emergency centerback for a few minutes in the second half before going back up top again.

With Loyola down 0-1 and chasing the game, why was Phil Younghusband stationed in the left wing? Phil was also found playing very deep through some parts of the game.

One way to beat Kaya is by using fast forwards. (See: Doctora, Ruben vs. Kaya). Did Loyola have anyone who can do the same damage?

Good to see former Women’s National Team member Merlo Albano as the assistant referee in the game.

The battle of Loyola vs Kaya not just confined on the field, but also on the stands (Ultras Kaya vs Loyola supporters) and on the bench (Simon McMenemy vs former player Chris Greatwich).

On the Robert Lopez Mendy sending off – such an irresponsible second yellow card that he earned, especially since this comes immediately after he was just warned by the referee.

Special guest appearance at the half-time break: the Jollibee mascot who represented the Sparks new sponsors.

Does Chris Greatwich miss playing? A clue would be his sprints on the sideline as he runs side by side his players embarking on a quick counter attack.

Photo Credit: UFL Facebook Page

Full Lineups of the UFL All-Stars, Rest of the World and Philippines Squad for the UFL All-Star Weekend

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Random Musings from the UFL Action on July 9/10

Very Random Musings from the UFL action on the weekend of July 9/10

Global 4 Green Archers United 0

Another dominant Global display.

I wonder how much attacking verve they lost with the loss of Daisuke Sato. Congrats Sato, btw. Definitely a level up.

That Sato/Minegishi combo on the left flank always gave other teams a lot of trouble with their pace and understanding.

Marco Casambre strikes me as too raw, but it will be a good opportunity for him to develop. As would Nathan Octavio.

By the way, Global started out with Casambre - Villanueva - Amani - Barbaso at the back for the game against Global.

When was the last time you saw an all-Filipino back four start for the top 6 teams in the UFL?

Patrick Deyto sent off with a straight red. Wow. How often do you see keepers getting sent off because of dissent?

Deyto was called by the linesman for handling the ball outside the area. He saved the subsequent direct free kick, and was seen saying something to the linesman.

What would he have said to have merited a straight red?

JP Voltes 2 Loyola 1

JP Voltes winning against top sides shouldn't be counted as 'upsets' anymore, IMHO. They have been a joy to watch in the UFL -- a breath of fresh air, if you must.

Asked before the match what their gameplan was -- JP Voltes coaching staff said: "Simple pass, just the simple pass. Play the short pass and go into space." It's really that simple.

Takumi Uesato -- such a find. Sitting in his couch on Okinawa, Japan looking for a club -- before JP Voltes came knocking.

As for Loyola -- a setback before the match against a fading Kaya FC.

Can Loyola find the defensive solidarity they so badly need? Never looked like keeping a clean sheet, and this has been a problem for them all season long.

Started with Mallari - de Jong - Joaco - Koichi, but were forced to put in Anton del Rosario at the start of the second half.

This allows de Jong to help a midfield losing its discipline and battle against a very physical JP Voltes.

With Tommy Trigo set to depart, it will be down to Gui Hasegawa to man the posts -- and he has to improve. That second JP Voltes goal.........

Last five games of Loyola before JP Voltes were:

June 15 LMS 11 Agila 0
June 18 LMS 4 Forza 0
June 26 LMS 13 Laos 2
July 3 LMS 9 Nomads 2
July 7 LMS 9 Pasargad 0

Did they suffer from lack of sharpness because they faced weaker teams for almost a month?

Scoring forty-six goals. 46 in five games. Yessir........

Ceres 5 Kaya 0

First things first, that first goal by Ceres should never have been one -- the previous play leading to it was a high boot by Schrocky.

How on earth did the linesman not call it? It was in front of him........!

That said, after that, Ceres simply played Kaya off the park.

Kaya were missing OJ Porteria (left the club) and Louis Clark (suspension), and that dulled their edge a bit.

Alfred Osei and Miguel Tanton tried to drive the team, but they can't do it by themselves.

OJ Porteria leaving Kaya midway through the season? Which club he goes to next, he doesn't mention. But, unless it is a step up (ie. S.League, for example), fans would have hoped he stayed at the club till at least the end of the season.

A look at Kaya's record against four of the top five teams:

May 15 Kaya 0  Stallion 1
June 12 Kaya 0  Global 3
July 2 Kaya 1    JPV 3
July 10 Kaya 0   Ceres 5

Not exactly the results of championship contenders.......

League needs a competitive Kaya FC. Here's hoping they turn things around fast for them.

Photo creidt: UFL Philippines FB Page

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Perth Glory to play Global FC, the UFL All Stars and the Azkals this July 2016.

PFF will host matches with Perth Glory FC on 20, 23, and 26 July 2016, as follows:


  • Global FC vs Perth Glory FC | July 20 | Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila
  • UFL All-Stars vs Perth Glory FC | July 23 | Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila
  • Philippine National Team vs Perth Glory FC | July 26 | Quirino Stadium, Bantay, Ilocos Sur


Perth Glory has scheduled its training camp in the Philippines as part of its strategic initiative of touring South East Asia with the objective of staging an official Hyundai A-League matches in the region.


PFF has sought approval for FIFA and AFC clearances and permits to officially host the matches. Kick-off times and ticketing details will be announced later.


The PFF inspection team have visited the Quirino Stadium in Bantay, Ilocos Sur which has a newly installed artificial pitch. Recommendations have been relayed to the stadium owner to ensure the facilities meet the standards for international matches.


The Chinese Taipei men’s National Team and the Northern Marianas Men’s and Women’s National Team have also conducted their traning camp in the Philippines last May and June 2016.


Perth Glory FC is a professional Australian football club based in Perth, Australia, and currently sits at 7th place in the Hyundai A-League.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

List of Added Players in the UFL Transfer Window


NOTE: The List is based on the Player Add Forms submitted by the UFL clubs as of the deadline for adding of players on 24 April 2016 at 11:59 PM. Inclusion of all added players to their respective club's Team Roster is subject to approval by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) based on completion of player registration requirements as set forth by the PFF..

1) ALCUAZ, Xavier Carlos Alberto
2) BAÑA, Rupert Ed
3) CASTILLO, Christian Michael
5) COLET, Kendall
6) GAUDIEL, Renko Feliz
7) JONG, han Seon [KOR]
8) KOFFI, Konan Marc Antoine [CIV]
9) LIPARDO, Jose Rafael
10) MATHAY, Alfredo Carlitos
11) MONTEMAYOR, Jin Daniel
12) ORACION, Jose Paolo
13) ORTIZ, Enrique Thaddeus
14) SON, Jeong Hyeon [KOR]
15) WEIDMAR, Martin
16) YOSHIOKA, Mashu
17) BONGALAN, Gonzalo (youth / reserve roster)
18) CO, Ryan Matthew (youth / reserve roster)
19) GAYOSO, Javier Augustine (youth / reserve roster)
20) JAMES, Kenneth John (youth / reserve roster)
21) ORDOÑEZ, Martin (youth / reserve roster)
22) POE, Joseph Gerard (youth / reserve roster)
23) SORIANO, Kenneth Gerard (youth / reserve roster)
24) TANCHUAN, Alain (youth / reserve roster)
25) VALDEZ, Joshua (youth / reserve roster)


1) BONOAN, Juan Javier
2) DE GUZMAN, Raphael Clifford
3) DIAZ, Van Rey <FR: Manila Jeepney FC>
4) DOLINO, Aldrin <FR: Green Archers United FC>
5) EVANGELISTA, Mervin Paul
6) FERRER, Nicolas Jr. <FR: Manila Jeepney FC>
7) JOSEPH, Rigoberto Carlos
8) RAMOS, Javier Francisco Jr.
9) TETANG ZIEPOP, Maxime Valery [CMR] <FR: Green Archers United FC>

1) HARTMANN, Mark Andrew
2) OCTAVIO, Nathan <FR: Pachanga Diliman FC>
3) ORTIZ, Juan Carlos [ESP]
5) PETTYS, Charley
6) ESSWEIN, Andreas Campollo (youth / reserve roster)

1) ARNESTO, Reyl
2) BALANUECO, Jannryl
3) DAGA-ANG, Juarlito
4) GUMBAN, John Resty
5) JURAO, Angelou Val <FR: Manila Jeepney FC>
6) MACAPAL, John
7) SALAHIT, Paul Ariel
8) UZOKA, Chima
1) ABAN, Elijah
2) ANGELES, Alen Franco
3) CAÑEDO, Robert <FR: Green Archers United FC>
4) MABANAG, Michael Jerremy
5) MENZI, Michael <FR: Manila Jeepney FC>
6) TAKANO, Daishi [JPN]
7) UESATO, Takumi [JPN]
1) GIGANTO, Eric Ben <FR: Manila Jeepney FC>
2) MENZI, Audie
3) REED, Adam Michael [ENG] <Stallion FC>
4) TANTON, David

1) ALI, Mahmoud <FR: JP Voltes FC>
2) BATEAU, Sean Anthony Gilbert [TRI] <FR: Global FC>
3) ELHABIB, Izzeldin Elzaki Ibarahim [SDN] <FR: Global FC>
4) DIMAANO, Jose Salvador (youth / reserve roster)
5) PIQUE, Juan Miguel Bradley (youth / reserve roster)
6) SHAHROOD, Shahin [IRN] (youth / reserve roster)
7) SILVERIO, Lanz Jason (youth / reserve roster)
8) SILVERIO, Lorenz Justin (youth / reserve roster)
9) TAKZARE, Reza [IRN] (youth / reserve roster)

1) KANAYAMA, John Christopher <FR: Global FC>
2) MAGASSA, Aboubacar []

2) APPIAH, Stephen [GHA]
3) BIÑAS, Kevin Regan
4) CARLOS, Jon Aaron
5) DOMINGO, Patrick Michael
6) EJE, James Michael
7) EPILI, Alfred
8) FOFANA, Lassana [CIV]
9) HWANG, Jong Won [KOR]
10) KIGBU, Alu [NGA] <FR: Team Socceroo FC>
11) KIM, Chan Woo [KOR]
12) NJI, Madi Taniform [CMR]
13) OKEAGU, Michael Chiemela [NGA]
14) UGWU, Ifeanyi Elias [NGA]
15) ZACAL, Dennis Jr.

1) ALBIÑO, Jerico
2) ALBIÑO, Joevic <FR: Phil. Army FC>
3) ARCILLA, Garlet
4) BEDIA, Roy Kent
5) BIDAR, Soheil []
6) COOPER, Romeo Share [LBR] <FR: Laguna Kabuscorp FC>
7) FARIÑAS, Federico Jr.
8) FERMIN, Joseph Ryan <FR: Team Socceroo FC>
9) HERVA, Jaybone <FR: Phil. Army FC>
10) LEONAR, John Paulo
11) LLEVARES, Albert
12) MADIA, Lester <FR: Fleet Marine FC>
13) MUNGCAL, Mar Oscar
14) NCHAMA, Masa Ango Santiago [EQG]
15) REGIS, Divino <FR: Team Socceroo FC>
16) SHADIDEH, Masood [IRN] <FR: Team Socceroo FC>
17) SONG, Woo [KOR]
18) SYLVANUS, Emmanuel Arinzechukwu []
19) YARED, Jose Anton


1) BAE, Dong Min [KOR]
2) BORROMEO, Nicholas Christian
3) CASIL, Arnel
4) GROMMEN, Joshua
5) POLLI, Carlo [SUI]
6) SADIA, Roland Dely [CIV] <FR: Global FC>
7) VILLACIN, Nicholas Christian

Monday, April 18, 2016



NOTE: The Official List is based on the Player Drop Forms submitted by the UFL clubs as of the cut-off for dropping of players on 17 April 2016 at 11:59 PM. All dropped players are free to sign with other clubs unless otherwise indicated.

2) CABAÑIERO, Rolando Jr.
3) CALVO, Valentino
4) CAMINOS, Jose Alfe
5) CLOTTEY, Joseph Attuquaye [GHA]
6) FERNANDEZ, Habagat Viktor Hamin Grace [from Youth / Reserve Roster]
7) FRANCISCO, Norman John Robert
8) FRIAS, John Albert
9) GALICIA, Christian Lowell
10) KONE, Losseni [CIV]
11) LEYBLE, Richard
12) MENGANE, Pampam Justin [CIV]
13) OMGBA, Augustin [CMR]
14) ORCULLO, Gerald
15) RECHE DONHA, Joao Alexandre [BRA]
16) REGALA, Darwin


FORZA FC:-1) ALCANTARA, Nathan Michael
2) ALEGRE, Frederico Martin
3) AVANCEÑA, Raphael Angelo
4) BAMBA, Sam Lama [CIV]
5) DAPOG, Elijah
6) MANIQUIS, Mikel Romano
7) MONTELIBANO, Jose Luis Ricardo
8) TIU, Briggs

GLOBAL FC:-1) BATEAU, Sean Anthony Gilbert [TRI]
3) ELHABIB, Izzeldin Elzaki Ibrahim [SDN]
4) KANAYAMA, John Christopher (Loyola FC)

2) CAÑEDO, Robert
3) DOLINO, Aldrin
5) MELEKE, Stephane [CIV]
6) TETANG ZIEPOP, Maxime Valery [CMR]
7) UZOKA, Kennedy

JP VOLTES FC:-1) ALI, Mahmoud
2) NAKAZONO, Yuuki [JPN]
3) PELAYO, Meliton
4) SOBREVEGA, Louie Jay
5) WADA, Shimpei [JPN]

KAYA FC:-1) GREATWICH, Christopher Robert (NOT FREE TO SIGN)

LAOS FC:-1) CAMARA, Cheick Ahmed [CIV]
2) DALMAN, Jhonny
3) JUKES, Reginald Roel Jr.

LOYOLA FC:-1) MITTER, Adam Thomas [ENG]

2) CERDEÑA, Joseph Anthony
3) DAHL, Christian Magnus [DEN]
4) HARTMANN, Darren Maurice
5) JAMAL, Dalir Lord [IRN]
6) JOERGENSEN, Kristian [DEN]
7) JONES, Christopher Ian
8) LAWLESS, Christopher
9) ORTIZ, Enrique Thaddeus
10) PAPILLON, Gael Anthony
11) UJAM, Charles Ekene [NGA]
12) VIVA, Roel

2) CABRERA, Marlon
3) CAMARA, Mohammed [GUI]
4) CORDERO, John Paul
5) CUNA, Thomas
6) CUYOS, Jerome
7) DE CASTRO, John Kevin
8) ENDAYA, Mark Henry
9) GARCIANO, Bryan
10) GATASI, Lawrence
11) GHAZY NOURELDIN, Ahmed Safwat [EGY]
12) JOHNSON, Foday Nah [LBR]
13) KNOWLDEN, Malachi III [LBR]
14) LAPITAN, Rodmel Mari
15) NGOM, Amadou Lamine [SEN]
16) PADUA, Larsen Anatoly
17) PEPITO, Hayeson
18) SALANGUIT, Christian
19) SALISAD, Randy

2) NOETZEL, Johann Thomas [NMI]
3) QORDJA, Ernest [ENG}
4) SILITONGA, Reuben Raya
5) WRIGHT, Max William [ENG

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Azkals lineup vs. North Korea on March 29




The following players  have been called up to compose the national squad for the Home Match against the  DPR Korea  National Team on 29 March 2016 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, Philippines under the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ Qualifiers (Round 2):


·       AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel – Global FC

·       ARISTORENAS, Jorrel Zachary – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

·       BAHADORAN, Misagh – Global FC

·       CLARINO, Mario Javier – Global FC

·       DANIELS, Kenshiro Michael – Kaya FC

·       DEL ROSARIO, Dominic Liam – Kaya FC

·       DEYTO, Patrick Phillip – Global FC

·       ETHERIDGE, Neil Leonard – Walsall FC

·       GADIA – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

·       GUIRADO, Juan Luis – Ceres-La Salle FC

·       MULLER, Roland – Servette FC

·       OTT, Manuel – Ceres-La Salle FC

·       PATIÑO, Javier – Henan Jianye FC

·       RAMSAY, Iain – Tractorsazi FC

·       REICHELT, Patrick – Ceres-La Salle FC

·       ROTA, Simone – Stallion FC

·       SATO, Daisuke – Global FC

·       STEUBLE, Martin Markus – Ceres-La Salle FC

·       TANTON, Miguel – Kaya FC

·       TRIGO, Tomas Angel – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

·       VILLANUEVA, Dennis – Global FC

·       WOODLAND, Luke –

·       YOUNGHUSBAND, James Joseph – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC


The team with  the  accompanying officials  arrived in Manila  last night, Saturday, 26 March 2016  from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 


The Philippines vs. DPR Korea  match  will be the ultimate game of both teams under the  joint 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ Qualifiers (Round 2):


The  match will be aired live at 8:00pm (Manila time) on 29 March 2016 via ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel 23.



27 March 2016. PFF House of Football, Pasig City.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The 19 Players comprising the Azkals squad vs Uzbekistan

Players who compose the national squad for the Away Match against the Uzbekistan National Team on 24 March 2016 at the Bunyodkor Stadium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan under the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ Qualifiers (Round 2):

  1. AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel – Global FC
  2. ARISTORENAS, Jorrel Zachary – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  3. CLARINO, Mario Javier – Global FC
  4. DANIELS, Kenshiro Michael – Kaya FC
  5. DEL ROSARIO, Dominic Liam – Kaya FC
  6. DEYTO, Patrick Phillip – Global FC
  7. ETHERIDGE, Neil Leonard – Walsall FC
  8. FLORES, Jim Ashley – Stallion FC
  9. GUIRADO, Juan Luis – Ceres-La Salle FC
  10. PATIÑO, Javier – Henan Jianye FC
  11. PORTERIA, Jose Elmer – Kaya FC
  12. RAMSAY, Iain – Tractorsazi FC
  13. REICHELT, Patrick – Ceres-La Salle FC
  14. ROTA, Simone – Stallion FC
  15. SATO, Daisuke – Global FC
  16. STEUBLE, Martin Markus – Ceres-La Salle FC
  17. TRIGO, Tomas Angel – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  18. VILLANUEVA, Dennis – Global FC
  19. WOODLAND, Luke

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ticket Details for Azkals vs. North Korea on March 29, 2016


We wish to advise all football enthusiasts that the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (TM) – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 (TM) Qualifiers (Round 2) match between the Philippines and DPR Korea will be held on Tuesday, 29 March 2016, at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. Kick-off is at 8:00pm.

Tickets are sold via TicketWorld starting tomorrow, 26 February 2016 thru its online booking and major ticket outlets.

Tickets prices are:
Category 1 – Php 1,500.00
Category 2 – Php 1,000.00
Category 3 – Php 500.00
Category 4 – Php 300.00
Category 5 – Php 200.00
Category 6 – Php 100.00

We invite all to watch and lend support to the national team during their ultimate match in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (TM) – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 (TM) Qualifiers (Round 2).